Creative Underwater Photography

Underwater photography brings a fascinating glimpse into the mysterious world of silence. For a moment you are allowed to float in zero gravity in the charming, but also a harsh environment where each of its residents is waiting for it’s prey. Diving offers a fascinating experience with whales, manta rays, sharks or seals playing in the kelp forest. Beneath the sea surface you can also encounter the smallest and often the most bizarre critters. Their small size may tempt you to feel safe, but many of them are the most venomous creatures on the planet. If the wonderful underwater world still does not fully satisfy your photographic ambitions, dream away and bring the world of silence into another dimensions by combining UW photography with computer graphics (Michal Štros – UW photography, Jiří Štros -computer graphics).

Computer graphics can be used to replace a dull black or blue background of the UW photo with a more „colorful“ one (Mantis shrimp in Lembeh Strait)
The behavior of some marine animals is at a glance against our established ideas about these creatures. One of these creatures is „Upside-down jelly“ which, unlike other known jellyfish, moves down the „head“. The Latin name of this jellyfish, Cassiopea andromeda, encouraged us to a fanciful notion about her travel to Andromeda galaxy. The little crabs, hidden inside the jellyfish, are traveling as „stowaways“.
A huge Potato Grouper from the Aliwal shoal is leaving the underwater world of South Africa to be „dipped“ into the infinity of the universe surrounded by stars (Space-time Gate).
A juvenile Yellow boxfish and his ethereal look evokes extraterrestrial species that had colonized a remote planet in another Galaxy (An alien on a remote planet).