Taking photos in the underwater macro locations offers a fascinating encounter with the smallest and often the most bizarre sea creatures on the planet. Majority of these little monsters or beauties can be often seen on the littered seabed. The photographed objects are not only tiny, but sometimes well camouflaged by algae or sponges of a similar color and texture. Here the use of the so-called “snoot”, a special attachment that is connected to the external strobe, enables the object to be illuminated alone without a disturbing background. Snoot also adds a black background to your image, which improves drama, color, contrast, and plasticity. Shadows are also created to strengthen the creativity of the image. More on this subject in an article by Michal Štros published in the scuba diving magazine “Unterwasser” das Tauchmagazin -in press/2020 (German).

RETRA snoot with masks of different shapes and sizes (the snoot is attached to the Sea and Sea YS-D1 strobe)
Coral shrimp Pontonides ankeri
In a circus