Dive sites

  • Aliwal shoal
    Only few places on our planet abound such a variety of marine life like the Aliwal shoal in the east coast of South Africa. Aliwal is not a typical coral … Read more
  • Bali
    Land of gods, demons and smiling people Bali is one of the seventeen thousand islands of the Indonesian archipelago. Balinese life is closely linked to religion, and due to the … Read more
  • False Bay
    False Bay in South Africa is sometimes referred to as "Sea Serengheti" because of its incredible richness and diversity of life. You can see here a great white shark leaping … Read more
  • Grand Cayman
    Steep walls falling to great depths, canyons surrounded by mushrooms of all colors, colorful underwater life and crystal clear sea with lots of wrecks. All this offers diving in the … Read more
  • Lembeh
    The Lembeh Strait in Indonesia is without exaggeration one of the world's largest epicenter of “strangeness” and a paradise for underwater photographers. If you've so far dove only around colorful … Read more
  • Murter island
    Croatia is for Europeans the easiest way how to get to the sea without boarding the plane. Moreover, diving in distant exotic destinations is not for a long weekend. I … Read more
  • Sipadan
    Sipadan is a small island in the Celebes Sea, a diving legend and one of the best diving locations in the world. Sipadan is the only volcanic island in Malaysia … Read more
  • St. Kitts
    St. Kitts in Lesser Antilles is an island with amazing blend of volcanic mountains, rainforests with bunches of green monkeys, sugar cane plantations and beautiful beaches, guarded by the largest … Read more
  • Yongala
    Titanic of the Great Barrier Reef About a year before the sinking of the RMS Titanic, the SS Yongala steamer sank off the Australian shores. During that time it was … Read more